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Sharni Layton, former Australian and Super Netball player at the Launch of Creating Choices on the eve of the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019, held in Liverpool.

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The International Netball Federation is creating a global hub, to connect netballers from every corner of the world to share their love of the sport, and to help build a social movement called Creating Choices.

113 countries, and over 20 million participants are engaged in netball around the world.

It’s said it takes a village, imagine what netball can achieve as one Global Village.

Around the globe, women and girls face lives decided for them - by culture, poverty, isolation, lack of options.

Imagine if a world of opportunity could be opened up simply by playing sport.

It’s possible. 

Netball helps create choices which can shape lives forever.

We believe the power of netball to change lives is extraordinary. Our ambition for the future of netball is a continued commitment to empowerment - Choices, Opportunities, Connections, Community.

Creating Choices harnesses the power of passionate, committed, and inspired individuals, coming together to make life better for themselves and others.

Our online Netball community has been created for sharing and exchanging information, stories and opportunities. Our social hub is about connecting and engaging, learning, and getting to know you and our netball village. To inspire each other and be inspired ourselves. 

The purpose of the Global Netball Village is;

 International networking – to discover who is in our netball networks, and who can do what to help. 
 Raising funds for purpose – to deliver key international netball programs. 
 And creating opportunities for new partnerships and strategic alliances around the world, that offer women and girls a chance to help change their lives in an empowering way. 

Funds raised from Creating Choices will be used to promote and deliver key existing International Netball Federation Programs to benefit everyone. 
By supporting the Creating Choices campaign, you will be helping to build a global village of women and girls who are empowered, passionate collaborators, determined to make a difference to the sport they love.  
#ichoose to create choices for more women, will you? 

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When netball lovers and enthusiasts from around the world gather. Catching up with old friends and making new friends. International Netball Federation Congress 2019, Liverpool, England.

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