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We can’t wait to share 7 inspiring Feature Stories known as ‘The Starting 7’ – stories of influential players from around the world whose lives have been empowered and changed through the choices and connections they’ve made through netball.

Starting 7: Welcome


Peace Proscovia from Uganda is International Netball’s Federation’s first Ambassador, and the first of the Starting 7 stories.

“I am today, and what I will be tomorrow because of netball.  Not only has netball empowered me to play a sport I love, it has given me the gift of seeing the world outside of Uganda and getting an education.  It has given me choices I could only have dreamed of.  Through my journey, I hope I can inspire others to harness the power of netball in their lives to achieve their dreams too.”
Peace Proscovia

Starting 7: Video


“As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that netball is much more than just a sport and the 60 minutes of playing, but actually utilising the time to connect with other players on your team, making really good friends and networking, also being able to use elite sport as a platform to promote role models and community."

Josie Janz Dawson (Australia) 
“It has helped me do a lot of things for my family, as well as for myself. Netball has opened up so many doors, I’ve met so many wonderful people, and the opportunities that it has afforded me to just open my wings and expand, and the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from netball has been just so amazing and so awesome." Jhaniele Fowler (Jamaica) 

Starting 7: Text

Josie Janz Dawson, with girls from the community

Josie Janz Dawson, Australia, former Super Netball player, promoting positive Indigenous role models in the community, leading a healthy lifestyle and closing the gap for Indigenous People.

Starting 7: Image
Starting 7: Text
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